middlelife is a new work from past memory - a second look at the photography I’ve made during the past twenty years. 

For two decades I’ve been a photojournalist, commercial photographer and a few things in-between. At first this show began as a classic retrospective — an curation of a photographer’s favorite images. At the same time I wanted to understand what twenty years of images looked like, who was the photographer who made these images, and who he was now? 

To compile the images for this retrospective, I looked through every photograph I’d saved over my career from the dozens of hard drive's I'd saved. During the process of staring at the illuminated images on the screen for days, they began to tell me something about myself I hadn’t considered until now, and that I’m still not fully convinced is true. 

the thing considered

I think in pictures. My memory is made of images - ones I’ve manipulated, archived, and published. These saved moments have now become my favorite things; photographs stored and ready for recall, if I can locate them. But for many of these moments, I hadn’t recalled them since they had been created, some almost twenty years ago. They had begun the process of replacing the memories they were bookmarks for, and are increasingly more my proof that any of this happened. Without them, I am unsure I was there at all.


Mixing decades as a photojournalist and commercial photographer, my images have been created along-side the lives of so many others, often creating duality of memory between me and my subjects. Parts of their lives are forever intertwined with mine. It is this memory creation through photography that encircles all of our lives, a perpetual borrowing from one another.


Bryan Oliver Gallery
Whitworth University
Feb 8 - March 25 2022
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5 | Sat 10-2


Rajah has worked as a photojournalist, commercial photographer, and cinematographer. He lives in Spokane with his wife Ellen, a fellow artist, and their dog Haus, a fellow creature of habit.


Rajah Bose 

Digital Press Kit

Currently showing at the
Bryan Oliver Gallery

Located in the heart of Whitworth University.

Whitworth University
Lied Center for the Visual Arts
300 West Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251

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